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S Series Slew Drive

The S series slew product line features an hour glass worm providing increased gear contact and increased gear life. The S series is best suited for applications that require reaction of high static torque and have low output speeds (<1 RPM). The S series also features multiple backlash precision levels for increased positioning accuracy.

W Series Slew Drive

The W series features a ground cylindrical worm. The gear is made using proprietary materials and heat treat processes that provide improved gear life. The W series product is best suited for higher duty cycle and medium speed (<2.5 RPM) applications.

Certain W Series configurations are stocked at the Cone Drive plant in Traverse City, MI. Please contact orders@conedrive.com for more information about stocked slew drives and availability.

Both S series and W Series feature a variety of sealing, housing and accessory options. For further information and applications guidance for these products, please contact Cone Drive Application Engineering at AE@conedrive.com.